Lecturer : Mr. Tri Djoko Wahjono, Ir. M.Sc


Review question

1. because with mastering many of programming languages, we have more experience with it, and we can choose one of the languages that we have learned, which is appropriate with the program. and we have a big chance to have a job in a company

3. Fortran



15. Aliasing refers to an effect that causes different signals to become indistinguishable

17. because, if we make a program that less readability, the other programmer get difficult to understand it. but, if we make a readability program, we can understand it, and make a new code

20. Imperative languages

22. encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

23. SmallTalk

29. the language are compromise between compilers and pure interpreters. they translate high-level language program to an intermediate language designed to allow easy interpretation.

Problem Set

1. i think not. because to solve a problem in a particular algorithm, we prefer use our logic than skill in programming language. because programming language without logic is useless. all of problem in algorithm require a good logic.

2. Ada lovelace

3. the disadvantage is sometimes we use an appropriate syntax. like we use Java syntax in C program for instance.

6. I think reliability is the most important thing. because it is included writabilty &  readability.

12. I think, we can’t call any programming language complete, because each program language has its disadvantages and advantages. and programming language is a relative to person. may be someone feels good in “A” programming, and not in “B” Programming. but, may another person feel “B” is more comfortable to use.

16. yes, it does. because during execution, it compiles intermediate language methods into machine code when they are called.